Computational Epigenetics & Bioinformatics

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26. Li J, Zhao S, Lee M, Yue Y, Li J, Zhou Y, Ballester L, Esquenazi Y, Dashwood R, Davies P, Parsons D, Li X*, Huang Y*, Sun D*. 2020. Reliable tumor detection by whole-genome methylation sequencing of cell-free DNA in cerebrospinal fluid of pediatric medulloblastoma. Science advances 6 (42), eabb5427. PMID:33067228.


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22. Yang J, Horton J, Wang D, Ren R, Li J, Sun D, Huang Y, Zhang X, Blumenthal R, Cheng X. 2018. Structural basis for effects of CpA modifications on C/EBPβ binding of DNA. Nucleic Acids Research 47 (4), 1774-1785. PMID:30566668.


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16. Cai Y, Huang G, Ma L, Dong L, Chen S, Shen X, Zhang S, Xue R, Sun D*, Zhang S*. Smurf2, an E3 ubiquitin ligase, interacts with PDE4B and attenuates liver fibrosis through miR-132 mediated CTGF inhibition. 2018. BBA – Molecular Cell Research. 1865 (2), 297-308PMID: 29100790.


15. Zang S^, Li J^, Yang H, Zeng H, Han W, Zhang J, Lee M, Moczygemba M, Isgandarova S, Yang Y, Zhou Y, Rao A, You M, Sun D*, Huang Y*. Mutational cooperativity of TET2 and RHOA disrupts peripheral T-cell homeostasis. 2017. J. Clin. Invest. 127(8):2998–3012. PMID: 28691928 .


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13. Ertem F. U., Zhang W^, Chang K., Mohaiza Dashwood W., Rajendran P., Sun D, Abudayyeh A., Vilar E., Abdelrahim M. and Dashwood R. H. (2017), Oncogenic targets Mmp7, S100a9, Nppb and Aldh1a3 from transcriptome profiling of FAP and Pirc adenomas are downregulated in response to tumor suppression by Clotam. 2017. Int. J. Cancer, 140: 460–468. PMCID: 27706811


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10. Luo M^, Jeong M^, Sun D^, Park HJ^, Rodriguez BA, Xia Z, Yang L, Zhang X, Sheng K, Darlington GJ, Li W, Goodell MA. Long Non-Coding RNAs Control Hematopoietic Stem Cell Function. Cell stem cell 16 (2015) 426-438. PMCID: 4388783 pdf


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Cell Stem Cell 15 (2014) 350-364. PMCID: 4163922 pdf


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 Cell Stem Cell 14 (2014) 673-688. PMCID: 4070311 pdf


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2. Xi Y, Bock C, Muller F, Sun D, Meissner A, Li W: RRBSMAP: A Fast, Accurate and User-friendly Alignment Tool for Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing.
 Bioinformatics 28 (2012) 430-432. PMCID: 3268241 pdf


1. Challen GA, Sun D, Jeong M, Luo M, Jelinek J, Berg JS, Bock C, Vasanthakumar A, Gu H, Xi Y, Liang S, Lu Y, Darlington GJ, Meissner A, Issa JJ, Godley LA, Li W*, Goodell MA*: Dnmt3a is Essential for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Differentiation.
 Nature Genetics 44 (2012) 23-31. PMCID: 3637952 pdf


Selected Physics Publications
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3.Sun DQ^, Abanov A, Pokrovsky VL: Molecular Production at a Broad Feshbach Resonance in a Fermi Gas of Cooled Atoms. Europhysics Letters 83 (2008). Accession Number: WOS:000259020300020 pdf


2. Pokrovsky VL, Sun D*: Fast Quantum Noise in the Landau-Zener Transition. Physical Review B 76 (2007). Accession Number: WOS:000248496200053 pdf


1. Grandchamp L, Lumpkins S, Sun D, van Hees H, Rapp R: Bottomonium Production at Root s(NN)=200 GeV and Root s(NN)=5.5 TeV. Physical Review C 73 (2006). Accession Number: WOS:000238697500034 pdf